Few watch brands are enjoying the popularity that Halios is enjoying (as of this writing). Jason Lim has created something unique and it is resonating with watch enthusiasts and collectors. This review provides the details in brief, a review video, and pictures of the unpacking with some commentary.

The details:

  • Halios Seaforth II
  • Bezel: steel dive
  • Diameter: 41mm
  • Height: 12mm
  • Movement: Automatic ETA 2824-2
  • Power Reserve: 38-40 hours
  • Jewels: 25
  • Lume: Superluminova C3
  • Frequency: 28,800bph (4Hz)
  • Water Resistance: 200m/600ft
  • Straps: black rubber, black leather, green canvas
  • Cost: $690

The review video: [https://youtu.be/nnWnklxNQ_o]

The unpacking:

Halios is watch shipping done cool, beginning with a personal touch followed by bubble wrap.


The case is a modern twist on watch delivery that I have not seen anywhere else. Most brands opt for square, sometimes stylish, cardboard or wooden boxes with the watch wrapped around a cushion. Halios is using a rectangle plastic lockbox built for ultimate protection and it is almost a challenge for an excited receiver in a hurry to figure it out! Well played Jason Lim. Once open, some rubber webbing holds the two extra straps against the lid and a layer of foam protects the watch.

Under the top foam pad is the Seaforth, with the black rubber strap.

As I mention in the video, this is the first watch I have ever purchased that came with extra straps (included with the purchase price). Usually, you pick one strap to go with a watch when you make a purchase. In this case, the watch came with the black rubber strap by default and then two other straps were included. From what I have seen online, different watches came with different colors. Mine came with a black leather whip stitch vintage style strap and a green canvas strap with the same stitching. The Halios name and logo are debossed and etched into the straps and clasps.

I wanted and managed to get a Pastel Blue with the Dive Bezel. The bezel is unidirectional (moves counter-clockwise). Simply put, the dial is amazing, from the hour markers to the hands to the date window. I am not a huge fan of dive watches as I am not a diver, but I am a teacher and often timing activities, so the bezel will be handy. One noticeable difference on the dial is the use of AUTO MATIC as opposed to SWISS MADE. Though it contains a Swiss movement, the term switch is appreciated.

The dial is vibrant with a subtle texture. As you move your wrist and light catches the surface there is often a glimmer to it, what I would call a frost-like appearance. The date window is closely matched in color, but does very slightly differ. This may not be the case with all Seaforths, but on mine the date window is a slightly darker tint (maybe less green in the palate) and does not have the frostiness. In my opinion, this works. As you glance quickly at the watch the subtle difference causes the date window to pop out and reading the date is a cinch.

Coming in at 41mm in diameter and 12mm thickness, this watch is a great size for almost any wrist. It wears light thanks to the rubber strap (I am not a huge fan of bracelets anyway). The bezel looks great with the double domed sapphire. The embossed Halios logo on the crown also looks great. As with most watches with a crown guard, you might find that when releasing the crown there may be some rubbing on the inside of the guard if you emphasize the pressure to one side or the other, a normal issue worth awareness.

In a week of wearing the Seaforth, it is only a few seconds off. The ETA 2824 was a great choice for the first Swiss movement inside a Halios. It is a solid movement with a good reputation and long power reserve (38-40 hours). From time to time you can hear the rotor moving around, which is one of the entertaining aspects of wearing an automatic. The second hand has a fairly good sweep, not as smooth as a 2836 or many in-house movements, but it is good enough.

My office has florescent lighting, so while I was recording the video the lume got a nice charge. And the lume is particularly excellent. The first lume picture is during the day in a 100 sq.ft. room with the lights off and one small window. The second picture is at night in a dark room with the lights off.

All around, the Halios Seaforth II is one of the best value propositions on the market. This watch could easily be sold for over $1,000 and the ones that end up on eBay are selling around the $1,300-$1,500 mark. The watch is hard to get ahold of direct from Halios. The first version sold out in about 5 minutes and the second version, after some site crashes and order issues, sold out in 1-3 minutes depending on the style. But if you can get the opportunity to purchase one of these, don’t think twice about it, you need this watch.

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